Counting My Blessings

Mama used to say - "if Ellouise answers the phone, there could be blood on the floor and she will tell you everything is fine."

My cousin Jim called, "How are you Ellouise? I am worried about you."
"I am fine." I assured him.

Ok. So I am not fine - but I am starting to pick up pieces I dropped when my sister Dena called and said that Mama was "going" and Jim and I rushed to NC. You know the story from there.

I am counting my blessings.

While the sky was falling some good things have been happening:

My two new cds arrived.

Second Hand Rose - original and family stories.

The jacket reads - a southern storyteller weaves tales of second hand clothes, intriguing thrift shops, sibling rivalry, revenge, quilts, and mother-love in a salute to family ties.

The stories were recorded in performance at Strathmore Hall Arts Center, April 2007

Vigilanteoff-beat original stories written and told by E.S.

Recorded LIVE at Speakeasydc, Washington, DC
2005 - 2008
They will be on sale at Williamsburg Storytelling
Festival - and ofcourse I have them.
Directly from me - you save $2.00
$13.00 plus a $3.00 handling fee.

The prospect of telling stories at the Williamsburg Storytelling Festival is really exciting. I am grateful for the opportunity, the pressure and the focus right now. Especially with suc a terrific line-up of feature-tellers and working with three friends in the regional line-up - Rich Knoblich, Diane Macklin, and Kim Weitkamp.

Starting next week I wll be team teaching with artist/author Adjoa Burrowes
on a new ten week workshop at Pyramid Atlantic.
We had a good time last year and the kids were fun. I am looking forward to it. And very grateful to WORK!

And to take time to eat.

Jim and I shared my favorite sandwich - lox and cream cheese with onions and tomato on an onion bagel - yesterday at Einsteins. Can't you taste it?

And very grateful to have the blessing of an irrepressible friend who helps me to switch my paradigms.

Holly wrote:
I am so happy for you that you had your mother in your life for so long - and that you got to be there with her to wish her BON VOYAGE.