Back to the Real World

One of the great things about spending a week-end at a storytelling festival is that you step off the treadmill and into a wonderful world of stories.

We got home yesterday afternoon - sorry to leave Williamsburg, the storytelling festival and the idyllic week-end.

Coming back to the real world is a jolt.

But stories are still front and center. Today I am taping stories for my TV show and this afternooon will be teaching for Pyramid Atlantic with Adjoa Burrowes. My world is still filled with stories and I love it -

But in real life stories don't happen in a vacuum. There is all the stuff we don't talk about in the stories. You know: reading the pile of accumulated mail, unpacking the suitcases, putting the stuff away, washing your dirty clothes, completing what you didn't do before you left, tieing up loose ends from the trip, running the vacuum and oops - don't forget getting some food in and picking up the dog.

A woman told me once - she was just back from an enviable three week safari in Kenya - that when she gets home from a trip she does not go to bed until she has unpacked and put everything away. I was impressed.

I think of her and she pricks my conscience when I wake up the morning after returning home and see the bags stacked, un-opened at the foot of my bed. Waiting for me.

Why is it that I can pack quickly, and it all fits into the bag. Unpacking takes three times as long and what I put into the bag has multiplied. Not only that - the stuff has to be sorted so I can put it away.

Maybe I will wait until tomorrow.