PA Surprise

Grudgingly I agreed to go when Jim suggested we ride up to PA yesterday to check on the house.

Just after we passed the Hwy 30 exit we noticed fields of vibrant yellow on each side of the divided highway. I looked a bit closer. "Jim, those are sunflowers."
Acres and acres of sunflowers in full bloom. Gorgeous.

We agreed we had never seen this display before - and we were certain we could not have missed the expanses of glowing color.

On our way home we found a back road that bordered the sunflower fields and stopped for some pictures.
There were two other cars parked - people out, standing waist high in the flowers taking pictures. One mother had stopped with her three year old snapping possibilities for her 2008 Christmas card.

"Isn't this beautiful?"

" I know" she said. " people have been telling me about it so I came over to see and take pictures."

"Is it new. I don't remember ever seeing it before."

" It must be. I live around here and I have never seen it."
" Don't you want a picture with your little girl?" At first she said no, but then she thought it over and handed me the camera.

What a nice memory. A warm. bright afternoon surrounded by vibrant yellow sunflowers - standing straight - with all their heads turned toward the sun.

Are you sure this is PA - looks a lot like Provence.?

And I would have missed this! I bet Aesop would have a fable and a moral to fit this almost missed opportunity.


Bob Kramp said...

Hi Ellouise, I couldn't find a contact email for U. So, I will use this pathway. I am looking forward to tonight's storytelling at K. Row Bookstore. I was hoping to meet you, but I have a hunch ur in Jonesborough tonight. I read the Monty Co Gazette articles on your initiative to start Storytelling night. Question: Do your children listen to your stories now?? I started blog on family history, Genie, autobio, but my daughter's still groan, oh no, not another family history story! Oh well, someday they might have time to read it. Have a great time on the road in TN. I live in NC now, but grew up in Bethesda- Grad from WJ in 1960. Go to Travelstwo.blogspot.com if your interested in more.

Bob Kramp said...

Incidentally, I see you're a member of MySpace. There is a whole world of Genealogy bloggers out there; however, they are on Facebook.com. Call themselves, "Genea-bloggers", about 200 of them in the group at present. Wish there was some way to combine the "friends" of these two social networks. Is there a way?

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