Tennessee Guitar

This is a familiar sight on our way to Jonesborough.

Shortly after we leave Virginia and cross into Tennessee we come to the Welcome Center.

We know where we are by the out- size guitar across the road.
Reminds us that Nashville is the home of the The Grand Ole Opry and the pressure cooker for country music.

My daddy was a great fan of both and I remember many a Saturday night sitting on the living room floor in front of the stand-up radio listening to the old-time pickers and singers. I still love it.

I know that giant guitar will be waiting for us next Thursday.

The first memories I have of "being quiet" while the Grand Ole Oprey radio program was on was when we lived in a small house on Woodland Drive. I guess I was about 4 years old. Lynda was born but this was before Kathy. Woodland Drive was a red dusty road with gravel in it. I know because it got all over my clothes and I picked up pebbles in my sandals as I walked along with Mama going to and coming home from the little grocery store at the end of the street.

I remember Woodland Drive as being pretty far out so I was surprised last month when the hearse carrying Mama to Evergreen Cemetary turned into Woodland Drive. Its a shorter street than I remembered. Even though we were moving slowly I did not have a chance to see if I remembered which house we lived in. I would like to check it out the next time I go to Charlotte.
Today I was thinking about Mama. I was sorting stories on my Mac for new playlists on the iPod. That's how I practice stories - record them, make playlists and then listen to them. Anyway, I decided to save some of the extra stuff onto cds. My Mac is always giving me a high-sign " your disk is full."

For the past few years I taped conversations with Mama from time to time. We would talk about family stuff and the long ago folks. Or I would just leave the recorder running to pick up a usual conversation. I found several still on the computer. Listening to them was bittersweet. I am glad that I have them but its a bit too soon to really enjoy them. Its too soon to listen without crying.

I burned them onto a cd and put them away very carefully.