Stories are Powerful

Kate wrote that she was sending me energy to help me with my storytelling tonight. It came through!

Tonight I told a solo program of stories at the Kensington Row Bookshop to an overflowing crowd. Even though we leave very early tomorrow morning for North Carolina I did not cancel the program because there had been publicity about it and there was no way to tell people I would not be there. I am so glad I didn"t cancel.

Many people who came were new to storytelling. Many were storyteller friends who knew about Mama's death and came to lend support. Whatever their reason for coming every person there accepted me and my stories warmly.

i changed the program and told stories of my childood which celebrated my parents. I was nervous about doing that fearing that I would find it very emotional. No. Once the stories began I was telling from the heart = remembering them with love and joy and enjoying having a chance to tell their stories. Stories were healing my heart.

I told a WWII story, a story about my dad as a young boy, a family ghost story, and several stories about Mama. I especially love a story I call Cats. They felt right and people laughed and loved them. My friend Josephine hugged me at the end, "Ellouise you turned this to a wonderful memorial for your mother."

It was - and every one of the people there helped me do it. I felt their love and support. The stories flowed and I feel healed.
And very close to Mama and to Daddy.
Thank you.


Kate Dudding said...

Dear Ellouise,

An overflowing crowd -- what bliss!

And stories for both you and them :-)

Good job!!!

I find that storytelling (and my dance classes) always lift me up. As I've said about dancing, storytelling -- it's almost as good as sex.

Here are more thoughts of strength, energy and peace for your next few days.


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