SEARS Isn't Coming Today

Friday the 13th maybe, but this is a day Jim and I had been looking forward to for ten days.
Sears was scheduled to arrive and repair our clothes dryer. We have one of those annual contracts - you know the ones they sell you promising that if anything happens, Sears will come and fix it.

Our dryer has been broken for 12 days. Clothes are piling up.

So last night at 5:30 pm when I received the computer automated call saying that the repairman would arrive at my house between 8 am and Noon I rejoiced. Reliable, trusty Sears was coming through.

An hour later we were eating supper when the phone rang. Jim stepped up and answered the call. He listened - intently. 'The 20th. You want to reschedule to the 20th?
We have already waited 10 days."

I jumped in, "What? what? Is that Sears. They just called. They confirmed that they are coming tomorrow."

Jim raised his voice into the phone. "You called! You said you were coming. Do you know how long we have waited for you to come?"

Why can't they come, I wanted to know.

"They don't have a repairman available." Jim turned back to the phone. My cool, calm and collected husband ratcheted his voice up several notches. "WHY don't you have a repairman available - you just called and told US to be here." A valiant try in the face of corporate control.

As simple as that. Somebody stayed home or called in sick - and they don't have a back-up. Because those repairmen do not work for Sears - they are free lance contractors working as Sears - big difference.

Bottom line - we are STUCK! Until June 20th.

I hate that feeling, don't you?

The hands at your side, go ahead and shoot me feeling that comes from being at the mercy of Sears or any other part of corporate America.

My first thought - I won't take this sitting down. I am going to call a local repairman. Then I remembered. I have already paid for this service - for years. ( But not anymore)

Here is the truth.

There was a day when having a Sears Service Policy meant something.
But today -
a Sears Service Policy only works IF the contracted repairman wants to come.

Better to find a local repairman and get on a first name basis with him - or her.

And don't make an appointment on Friday 13th - that's asking for trouble.