Happy Father's Day

Celebrating all Fathers.

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A Little Something for the Guys:

On the way home from Mass in Gettysburg this morning we pulled into the parking lot of Jane's, our local grocery store in PA and behold - this beauty was parked safely off to the side.

As I walked closer to take a picture the owner walked up carrying his groceries.

"Please tell me about your car," and he did.

Its a 1954 Chevrolet tw0-door sedan that he had restored with a 1960s look. A guy named Tom Downey in Baltimore did the paint job -although the owner worked out the "flaming" design.

"Take a look at these wheels - they have the feeling of the Bat car - of the era." he told me.

Yes, he drives it. Everything under the body is new - and in perfect condition. Drives like a dream.

I asked his wife if she drove it. "No - I would be afraid to - I know how much he has tied up in the car."

One thing I can't show you - I missed getting the picture - when the door swings open and the front seats tilt forward - that back seat is cavernous. Those were the days when nobody minded riding in the back seat - in fact some people preferred it!