Blue and Beautiful

Jim came into the kitchen holding this box saying, " I found this on the front step. Have you ordered more books?"

"I don't think so." When he handed me the box I saw that it was not from Amazon. It was hand-addressed to me with a return address from Sandyville, WVA. I jumped up and reached for a knife to open the package.

" Jim, this package is from Granny Sue. I think I know what this is."

I cut through the tape and lifted the flaps. Pulling back the bubble wrap I saw something blue - - a deep rich beautiful blue.

"Jim, come and see this. Granny Sue has sent me a blue bottle. I am getting closer to my blue bottle bush."

Just look at this. Deep cobalt blue glass. A sleek pyramid shape. This is a real beauty.

It is a treasure. Thanks, my friend. Sending hugs to you.