Life Mirrors Story

A sad loss.
In a front page obituary the Washington Post tells the story of a grand old tree that fell.
When this 200-400 year old Oak toppled during a violent storm in Barnestown, MD a few days ago it rated special attention in the Metro Section.
The tree was 104 feet tall with a trunk that was more than 24 feet in diameter. The venerable oak was due to be named the new State Tree.

As I read the article I remembered reading the Aesop's fable, Oak and the Reed in Granny Sue's newsletter recently.

As the story goes: The oak and the reed argue as to which will stand before a strong win. The oak boasts that he stands straight and tall no matter how strong the wind. The reed responds, "when the strong wind blows I bend before it so that I will stand tall when it moves on." The oak laughs. "I will not yield."

Not long after during a violent storm the winds turn fierce. The oak stands firm. The reed bends until its tip touches the earth. Next day when the winds have calmed - the oak has topppled and the reed stands straight and tall.

Post Script: my sister Kathy read the first version of this post and emailed:

"Ellouise, what's the moral? My favorite part are the morals that go with the fables?"

OK. Here goes. The first one is from a book. The second is mine - from lived experience.

The book says: Those who adapt to the times will emerge unscathed.

My take on that: No matter how old you are, if you won't bend to reality - it will eventually smack you down.

If you don't believe me - ask the Barnesville Oak.

Life mirroring story.