Change of Pace

and MORE.

The story on my sore knee continues. I hobbled out of the hospital on Sunday and managed to walk around a bit Monday. Tuesday however the story took a different turn. I had to use one of the morotized scooters in the Safeway to do the grocery shopping - and by Wednesday I was on the couch. It is now my screaming knee.

Today I have an early a.m. appointment with an orthodpedics doctor! Jim rented a folding wheelchair for the occasion so I can get from the car to the examining table.

This is not fun!

When walking really hurts you learn some quick lessons.

Some of the things I have taken for granted:
1. I have taken walking, running, skipping and all forms of moving my legs for granted.
2. Even a few stair steps can be daunting when your knees aren't working.
3. You should have a bathroom on every level of your house.
4. It is hard to dress yourself when you can't lift one leg or bend one knee.
5. Even a glass of water is a major decision when you have to walk to the sink.