Blue Bottles - and Real Treasure

Yesterday as we pulled onto Hwy 77 at Davidson, NC, taking the mountain route over Fancy Gap back home from visiting Mama in Concord, Jim agreed to "one stop" to look for blue bottles.

That was a challenge because I had no idea where to make that "one stop". I watched the road signs carefully as we headed north. We were over an hour into the trip before I saw an "antigue mall ahead" sign at the exit for Jonesville, NC..

Taking a chance I chose this "one stop."

We pulled in to the first McDonald's to ask if we were headed in the right direction. A friendly lady inside said the "Antique Mall" we were looking for was just up the road on the left. "You will probably think this sounds a llittle crazy - I am making a blue bottle tree so I am looking for blue bottles." Then I added, "Those bottles are really hard to find." She looked curious and then a little sheepish. "well, I have a few blue bottles. I have had them a long time." she paused, quiet, thinking. "And, I am keeping them."

"I don't blame you." I assured her.

As predicted the Antigue Mall was ahead on the left and it was OPEN. Cool and welcoming on a blistering hot day.

Inside the door waited a huge expanse filled with STUFF. Acres of stuff. There were aisles bordered by numerous smallish booths which had been created by shelves and cupboards. Every inch covered with old stuff. A memory at every turn. Temptations galore.

This was my kind of place. I felt hope in my heart from the first moment.
Saying to myself, "Stay focused. Look for blue bottles.", I decided to start walking toward the back of the "mall" by following the long center aisle. Glancing in all directions, taking a few side trips into little booths I kept moving straight ahead.
Then I saw - a touch of cobalt blue in a cream colored cupboard - straight ahead. I moved a little faster and found three blue bottles on this shelf. More Milk of Magnesia bottles - Ok. Ok. nothing new - but they were blue.

At that minute Jim called out, "Ellouise, over here." I picked up the first three bottles and went to find Jim.
On the way to him I spotted a motherlode of blue bottles on a shelf in a side booth.
Milk of Magnesia bottles in several sizes with Vick's Vaporub and Noxzema jars. Great color.
And cheaper than the first three I found.

Well, you can see we found a bunch. Along the way to check out I made several decisions.
I want to buy all the bottles I give to the tree to come from North Carolina.
And, it seems apt that most of them will be MOM - a memory from my childhood - and who knows, perhaps the evil spirits the bush keeps away will be the cure for my dyspepsia.
Carole Willliams, a friendly and very engaging woman, owns the Antique Mall and as she packaged my 'finds" we chatted.
" We have 125 dealers under this roof, all in their own spaces. They come from about 100 miiles around, that's North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessese."

Carole and her husband bought this business five years ago. "Unfortunately my husband became ill soon after and he did not live to run the business with me. I know he would have enjoyed it as much as I do."

She was quiet for a moment, "When you are alone its important to have something, somewhere to go. If you do you can make it through."

When I came in I thought the treasure at the Antique Mall was the "stuff". As I left I had changed my mind.

Whenever women share their wisdom - that's the real gold.


Granny Sue said...

I recognize so many things in these photos--my mother's camping coffee pot, the jelly glasses...I think that's why I love antique stores. They remind me of stories from my past, and sometimes they actually inspire new stories...or at least new blog posts!

Great collection of blue bottles! Did I spy a blue violin bottle in the mix? I used to have two of those, back in the early 70's. They were in the small windows on either side of my fireplace in the little house in Virginia. I think I sold them in a yard sale after we moved here. Who would have thought I might have needed them later?


Yes, it is a fiddle bottle! beautiful color.
You say "Who would have thought I might have needed them later" - that's my big stumbling block when it comes to clearing out!

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