Gallery 10 in Italy and a Rant

Gallery 10 artists have a group show in Florence. The art work was sent several weeks ago.

As much as Jim and I love Italy we were sorry not to make the trip. I sent Standing Out 2 as part of the show.

I can't believe it. It is my turn to gallery sit and I am facing these steps again today. 75 steps.

I can't believe this either.

When I went down to feed the meter for my car I stopped in Kramer Books to look around. I love books and the possibilites that lurk inside their covers. Book store browsing - one of my favorite ways to while away time.

I was checking out a stack of books, lifting one and then another, reading the blurbs on the back cover when I felt the woman come close to me. And then closer and closer. It was like a car on the highway nudging you from the fast lane into the middle lane. She was sidling me right out of her way.

Talk about stepping into your space. She not only stepped into my space, she shoved me out of it - so that she could stand where I was browsing. And did she have a desperate yen to see the books I was looking at. I don't think so. She was not there more than thirty-seconds. Nothing was calling to her. This woman just wanted me out of the way. I started to say something - then thought "why bother."

Why bother.

I will just send out an all points bulletin.

Today at 1:24 pm a short, plump woman with black hair, wearing blue slacks and a white blouse elbowed me away from the book counter at Kramer Books. Beware!

I wish I had taken her picture,


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