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Friday afternoon at Dulles Airport.
Jim and I arrived very early for our 7 PM plane to California - just to make things easier. Not to feel pushed and rushed through Security. Now the noise level in the Concourse is rising as people converge for their flights.

Depending on how you looked at it - we were either comic relief or mounting frustration at the Security checkpoint. Surprise. Jim's suspenders - something new for his attire - set off  the metal detectors and it took several false starts through them to figure out what it was. By the process of elimination they filled several plastic bowls of "pocket stuff."  Finally he had to remove the suspenders - holding up his pants with one hand he finally made it through the metal detectors without setting off bells and buzzers.

I am just saying - go early - give yourself plenty of time - you never know where the surprise will be.

In our case we arrived early not knowing we would end up waiting still longer. Weather delays.......

People are clustered around the electrical outlets in this lobby - feeding their computers.

A young man sitting near my perch at the outlet  - is plugged in and fully wired - watching a movie on his computer and listening to music on his iPod. We are becoming isolated entertainment centers aren't we?

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