Life and Stories

Sunday there was a chance for a quick visit with Jimmy before he left for a week of business in Moscow. No disputing they are father and son - look so much alike.

Last Sunday when we were leaving town for our NC adventure our van acted up. Jimmy and Monica saved the trip by loaning us their van - "take our car."  Our car is still in the shop and we still have their van - now, that's really lovely!


About storytelling:

Barely home, we turned around the next day and drove to Richmond
so that I could tell stories with Tell Tale Hearts for their 12th annual Valentine's program" "Fools for Love."
I told "Good Will Mourning" - which is a Valentine for Jim.

I really appreciated having a chance to tell stories with these good tellers - L- R: Anthony Burcher, Denise Bennett, Judith Onesty, (me) and Les Schaffer.

This week-end was truly rich with stories because Sunday night we drove up to Frederick to hear Geraldine Buckley tell her original stories in a program, Destination Slammer.  It was a FUN evening!

But, although we enjoyed Geraldine's stories - Jim and I had heavy hearts. At home our daughter Karen was sitting with Bill, her moribund cat.

We left quickly as soon as the stories were done and as we pulled out of the parking lot Robin called from CA to tell us that Bill had died shortly before. I was surprised we reached Karen's in an hour. Karen's heart is broken. Bill was 15 years old and a lovely cat. Losing a well-loved pet is a huge hurt,

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