First stop on our trip to North Carolina - an overnight visit with my sister Lynda and her husband who live in Siler City, NC. So nice to spend time with them. While Jim and Henry were
caught up in the Super Bowl Lynda and I had plenty of time for


Before Jim and I left we took time for a few pictures! This is after all
the beginning of my Diamond Jubilee celebration - which I want to re-cord - and what better way to start off - a visit with Lynda. There are five us siblings - I am the oldest - next Lynda. Third, Kathy who
lives in Georgia and our brother Robert - also in Georgia.

Jim and I drove on to Charlotte where we met the fifth - my baby sister, Dena.

Lovely visit - catching up on our lives  - Dena and her husband are part of a local band - Exit 54 - which performs in and around the area. She has discovered that she can sing, banter with the band, and just add a special touch to the stage. Loved hearing about how they are expanding and building their audience.

We met for lunch at a small cafe on the corner of Pecan and 7th Street. I remember this small space as my grandmother's neighborhood grocery store, The Big Star, during the 1940s. This was my childhood neighborhood and I remember all these places vividly.

As happens in families with siblings who are many years apart - this is not Dena's neighborhood. In her childhood years our parents were living in Dilworth. The memories of the space were mine to gather, and I did.

If my Jubilee plan works out I will be seeing my brother and my sister Kathy in Georgia in May after I tell stories at Stone Soup Storytelling Festival, Woodruff, SC.

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