Catching my Breath

Wonderful evening of theater last night. "Let Me Down Easy", Anna Deavere Smith's powerful one-woman show. She is an awesome performer.
I was inspired by her performance to re-think my own solo show for the 2011 Capital Fringe.

Claudia Vess and I are sharing an exhibition at the Day Star Gallery at the Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament Church, DC. 

The Opening Reception this afternoon was quite pleasant. People enjoyed the works which are very well hung. The Curator, artist Patti Friend is very accomplished at presenting works in their best light.

Tomorrow Jim and I are driving to NC. Its late. I am still not completely packed and ready to leaver as early as we planned.
I will be telling stories - have worked on the trip for weeks - getting things together, arranging to see people etc. This is the launch for "My Diamond Jubilee." Yes, I am excited and pleased but also dragging my heels now that its really here. Isn't that the way?

Anyway, tonight when our expected host called to say there was illness in the house. Not a safe place for Jim - I felt a bit rattled. Then more rattled when I discovered that there is some kind of BIG meeting in Charlotte next week and all the hotels in the area are completely booked. Not depairing I called The Morehead Inn - an elegant B and B where I had stayed some years back - no they could not help. Booked.

Down the list - The Duke Mansion - a fabled residence in Charlotte - now a B and B of "distinction". Why not? I called - yes! There is a room for us - over-looking the fountain. Let's not talk about the "tab". This is going to be a story! 

Sometimes these things just work themselves out!

You know - Throw money at it - that usually solves the problem!!!!

Until the American Express bill lands in the mail box.

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megan hicks said...

The image you posted intrigues me. One of your collages, no? Is there a caption I missed? It's stunning.