Travel notes - enjoying the family

Travel notes

1.  middle school basketball - our grandson's team won their CYO fast-paced, hard fought tournament game by 1 point. over the past 7 years we have watched these boys growing and learning. nice to be here as they play their last season on the same team.

2.  In and Out Burger vanilla milkshakes are terrific.

3.  all three grandsons are here. eldest came from college so we could have a family day - - lovely!
We are impressed by 2nd son's highway driving skill - I felt very at ease and that is really an accolade from me. Youngest is the basketball player - good on the court and enjoyed having both his older brothers routing for his team - - which was once their team.  Precious time. Savor the moments.

4. Report from the East - after another day of touring in China Jimmy has moved on to a week in Japan.
He says he has stories to tell - including Sunday Mass in Beijing.

5. Thinking about the Fringe around the edges. Booked on a Fresno Tv show Thursday - which I hope helps to get the word out.

6. Hills around SF are showing patches of fresh vibrant green grass - Spring.

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