China, Rogue Festival, and a new book.

This morning our son Jimmy's email from China was a relief.
"Have landed. Flight was fairly smooth - but very long." The flight is 14 hours from Dulles.

He's there on business, yes, but I know he will bring back wonderful
pictures. He is our Marco Polo and we look forward to hearing his stories.

 His first picture - taken at night - just establishes that he is in China.

In the meantime Jim and I are scurrying around getting ready for our trip to California on Friday. Lists, lists, lists and fitting in necessary appointments. We will be there for ten days - with a lot to squeeze in - time with Robin and her family, visits with Jim's family in Madera and Fresno and an over-night with his brother in LA.

For me a major focus will be four performances of Pushing Boundaries for the Rogue Festival in Fresno. I have performed at this festival twice before and enjoyed it. This is their 10th year. The Rogues is about half the size of the Capital Fringe Festival in DC. It is held in a dozen venues in the Tower District - which is an old, seasoned neighborhood - Jim's childhood neighborhood. That's fun! Last year I was on the schedule but cancelled when Jim spiked a fever and was hospitalized. Things look good for this trip.

For some time I have been looking for a good book - a book that would pull me in and hold me. So when MO storyteller Mary Garrett mentioned her fondness Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear I paid attention and made a quick trip to our local library. WOW - a shelf filled with this author's works. I checked out the first, Maisie Dobbs, and now I love this character.
Maisie Dobbs is a smart, human and loving woman who uses her head to solve mysteries. The books are set in Great Britain during the years of and afternWorld War I - a new period for me and Winspear writes about it so carefully and vividly that I am understanding more about the human cost of that war.
Even better it is a well-established series so I am looking forward to a good many months in Maisie Dobbs' world.
Reading Nancy Drew when I was a kid opened me to the joys of a series where the world widens and the characters stay with you through all their adventures.

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mary said...

I'm glad you like them! I'm looking forward to a new one soon.