Across Time

Made this collage in Venice the summer Jim and I lived there for a month.
Reminds me of afternoons in the Venezia Viva atelier printing papers to use for collage materials
Sweet memories of my friend Pat - gone almost a year.

Long hours working on all the paper work 
needed to produce Pushing Boundaries at the Rogue Festival.

Facebook  notices
etc etc etc etc
I don't mind doing it
but it does take sooooo much time.

Also I am distracted.

Heard yesterday that I have been officially accepted into the 2011 Capital Fringe Festival.
With a new one-woman show - My Diamond Jubilee.
So I am eager to begin to focus only on developing that program.

Its going to be a challenge

there is a lot of water under the bridge that has carried me
from being this little darling

to being me - on my 75th birthday.

More to come.

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