YES Book Exhibit

Earlier I wrote about the project Gretchen Schmerhorn, Adjoa Burrowes and I were conducting with a group of "dreamcatchers" - eighth grade girls.
Last night was the exhibition and awards ceremony where the girls shared their books with their famlies and received their awards.

The book structures are handmade paper which house collage pictures illustrating a story, The Pumpkin Seed Bird. The picture-scenes are are cut from paste papers which were made by the girls. Their product from beginning to end. An heirloom.

Last night the students were excited and proud. Proud to show their work to each other, their friends, and families. I talked with a number of the parents and they were a little awed by these creations - and very impressed by their daughters.

A videographer photographed the awards and I interviewed each student with her book. " what will you remember about this project?" Some of their answers:
"the fun of working with my friends"
"the feeling of sticking my hands and arms in the sticky water to make the paper."
" using forks and cards to make the marks on the painted paper"
" imagining the pictures in the story and then cutting them out of the colored papers."
"I liked working here (Pyramid)."

What will I remember?

I will remember these curious, creative young women, poised on the edge of their adult lives and the young professional women who volunteer as their mentors and friends. Working with all of them was a joy and a privilege.
A chance to touch the future.