Rogue Festival opens next week-end in Fresno, California.

Show previews at art openings around town during the monthly ART HOP next Thursday. That's February 28.
I will be telling a short story from my program at Veni, Vidi, Vinci at 6:40 pm

This year I am presenting an all folktale program.

YESTERDAY's SECRETS - Old tales of magic, mystery and romance. RATING CHANGED TO older family - kids 10 and up

"nothing pink and pale and plastic". Tales for adults and suitable for kids 10 and up.

Saturday March 2 1 PM
Sunday March 3 3:45 PM
Friday March 7 5 PM
Saturday march 8 6:15 PM

Ashtree Studio 1035 N Fulton Fresno, CA

IMPOTANT NOTE: Rogue is a "fringe" festival - I originally thought I would do an R-rated program and submitted that rating - but that is not my style -

Yes - this IS an adult program, but the stories are OK for children 10 and up.
I think you can be fringe without going all the way to mid-day bedroom soap opera fare.

I am telling folktales - remember, its Disney who took the real-life and oomph out of them. I am not.