I received an email early this morning, "rave reviews for your storytelling", from the teacher who hired me to tell stories last night at a local elementary school for their reading night. I picked stories from the 398.2 section of the library and encouraged all the children to ask their librarians at school or in the public library to take them there. "It's full of stories like mine for you to tell."

The children and their parents crowded into a class room for two sessions. The school is a K, 1 and 2 school but ofcourse for these events little brothers and sisters come too. During the first session I was telling The Queen Bee, a Grimm's fairytale. When telling that story I click my tongue when the old man knocks on the door. At my feet an adorable child of about 4 years old, was so caught up in the story that as I clicked my tongue he did too - making a grand clicking noise. I stopped and said, "that was really wonderful. would you do it again." The smile spread across his face as he "knocked on the door" again.

I love storytelling.