My Kind of Book

Last week when I was gallery sitting I resisted the high calorie sweets at Marvelous Market but when I walked through Kramer Books and my eyes landed on this book cover I was a goner. Here at last is my kind of book - A Perfect Mess

A book that promised to talk about the "benefits of messiness."

Here are a few bits of wisdom:
page 138. "The bedroom: making a bed when you get up in the morning is like tying a shoe after you have taken it off."

page 138. "closets: unless you truly don't know what to do with your money - could it possibily be worth spending several thousand dollars to get a closet organized."

page 139. : "the dining room: given how rarely most people eat in their dining rooms, who's to say it isn't more useful to use the table as a handy platform for everything from mail to unsorted clothes to business-card collections?"

Page 140: "cars: cars are exceptionall easy to clean - a minute or two with a large shopping bag usually does the trick."

Such wisdom and understanding..

As I read this book I breathe easier. It is taking the hook out of my cheek.

I have not felt this relaxed since Mrs. Parks, my 10th grade history teacher at Central High School, declared, "I can tell by looking at your messy notebook what your kitchen will look like."