A is for APRIL


Multi Colored Diary is leading a blog challenge - to write a post every day for the month of April. Among the throng who have signed up is a group of storytellers.

(I am posting this list for you and for me - these are folks I want to follow).

I signed on because I have slacked off from writing everyday as I once did and I want to recharge my batteries. Hoping this challenge will be the jump-start.

A is for APRIL

April 1.

This is the third week of work on our house - the refreshening for it and for me.

March marked the second year since Jim died. April is the first month of the third year without him. Maybe fresh paint and a good clean-out will ease the ache.

In "The Year of Magical Thinking" Joan Didon writes about the difficulties of getting rid of things that belonged to her husband. I have found that to be very true - I have been holding on to anything Jim ever had his hands on. With this freshening I have decided to re-new this place as I know he wanted it - and would love it.  Cancer took our full attention for months that turned into years and the up-keep on our house list out. We hated that - Jim particularly because he felt the up-keep was his job.

Looking around me as the sun streams in onto freshly painted walls I am so aware that houses grieve too.  They reflect back your sadness. I did not realize that for months - - but I as I watch the house perk up I can feel a bit better myself. Not that I am not sad. Not that I don't miss Jim terribly  - - but maybe it will be a bit easier to live with that missing -  if our home and my heart are wrapped in light.

I plan to move the paintings to see them in a new way - to give them a new life. I first learned that years ago from watching what happens when the Phillips Gallery curators move the painting around.
The new positions and juxtapostions change the way you see the paintings. Another kind of renewal.

This awareness of wanting to move light into the dark corners has led me to a fascination with
Solar Tubes.  

Nothing new here, really.  Our daughter, Robin, flooded her California home with light using solar tubes and recently,  our daughter-in-law Monica did the same when she and Jimmy remodeled their kitchen. I liked it but it did not register until I started the work on reinvigorating our house.

Do you do that? Just keep living with the negative - when actually some parts of a negative situation can be changed - - or eased ....

Anyway - A is for APRIL.


A Tarkabarka Hölgy said...

Happy A to Z!
Technically I am not leading the challenge, I am just the one that dragged all the storytellers into it ;) Here is the link to the master list of our 2000 participants!

MopDog - The crazy thing about Hungarians...
Multicolored Diary - Tales of Colors

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your heartfelt story...April hugs to you.
- Pam, from http://www.storycrossings.com/blog/

Anonymous said...

And A is for Awakening Awareness.

Barra the Bard said...


How I wish I could use a solar tube or two in my new kitchen, but despite it's being a completely windowless interior room, we're on the 6th floor, so no hope there! But I'd like to know how you use one.
On a more serious note, I really liked your post. When I was 9, involved for the 1st time in spring cleaning, my granny explained to me that it was part of that renewal of spring and spirit we all need, especially after loss. You express that so beautifully!--Barra


Hi, Barra, Love the story bit from your granny -puts it all in perspective. I have had to give up a few of the solar tubes I wanted - too expensive. Trying something else to capture the light. Ellouise