J is for JOY

The first aromatic loaf of bread Jim made.

J is for JOY

Thinking of  the rich often overlooked small joys that give life sweet happiness.

The joy in the fragrant smell of fresh baked bread from your own oven.

The joy of the pungent smell of turpentine and oil paints in a studio filled with other artists who are also concentrating on the canvas on an easel in front of them.

The rich and satisfying joy of feeling a large warm hand cradling your smaller hand as you walk together  - where ever you are.

The joy of seeing someone you love walking toward you -
from across the room
 from his car
 from around the corner
waiting for you at the airport
ina store
just anywhere.

The way the world goes grey when you lose someone you love  - -
there is no joy -
in anything.

after a time, a long time
it is possible to feel small bits of joy
in the sunshine of a warm day,
in flowers showing their colors,
in the warmth of a pet nudging against your leg
in the smile of a child
in the encouragement of a good friend

Even though something precious is missing - -
you can feel a bit of joy.



Stephanie Faris said...

Beautifully written. Yes, it is possible to have joy even after a great loss, especially with time. But it does seem with each loss, a piece of us is taken.

Unknown said...

Loved reading your post Ellouise - I could smell the bread, feel the joy of all you stated! Your words are priceless today. Thank you ellouise!

Sue Kuentz
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