L is for Looking Back

Today L is for Looking Back. Much of my storytelling comes from "looking back." I mine my memories for stories. That works for me in several ways but the most important to me is that it keeps other days "alive" for me. A few months ago I discovered a "prompt" in a box and it brought back a whole year - the year that my husband Jim and I were dating, that he proposed and we got married. When I opened that little yellowing date book it was like sinking your pick into a rich vein of gold. So I started working on a story from it. Sometimes I don't wait until the story simmers and cooks - I just plunge in and start telling it knowing it will work itself out through the telling. These days, with my 78th birthday coming this summer, I often feel compelled to launch the story - - and then mellow it. This morning when I was reviewing stories I have told on my TV show as I decided what to tell on Monday - I came across this video. "Looking back" - I say as I start the story. Hey, I thought. L. I am looking for an L post this morning. What an opportune moment. Use this - - and I am. Maybe it will prompt you to do some "looking back" and who knows what you will find. Wishing you good hunting and a great "gold strike."

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Unknown said...

Ahhh, LOVED your Momentos story of you and Jim! What a keeper!!! So wonderful! I know I have my wedding box somewhere and I'm off to find it now!

Thank you Ellouise,