This year I have joined the A-Z Blogging Challenege.  Read about it at http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com. This is a wonderful opportunity to read a wide selection of bloggers and discover folks to follow.

Inspired by Patti Digh of 37 Days I started the Ellouisestory  blog the summer of 2005 - with the intent to write everyday about life around me. And, I kept up the writing everyday until my husband died in 2012 - when life seemed harder to write about. I have entered this challenge because I miss the way writing everyday helps me to keep my eyes wide open to the world around me and the life I am living in it.

Before starting this blog in 2005 - around 1998 --- I was inspired to start blogging by storyteller Stephen Hollen. 
Stephen was publishing his original stories and poetry and I was intrigued by blogging as a means to write and "self-publish".

Using that first blog I wrote an on-the-spot journal from an extended trip to Venice which I have since exhibited and which I treasure for its freshness of experience although it was a " sometimes burden" for Jim and me because cyber cafes were hard to find and technology from a distance was not as easy as it is today. In Greece and Turkey, especially Istanbul, while on a tour,  trying to keep writing the blog led
to some interesting stops off the beaten path to search out internet connections. In Ireland by 2008 there were several computers available in the hotel lobbies.

Good to add that many of those were days before Facebook and Twitter existed. How times have changed. Today you could probably tweet from the Grand Canal in Venice. "Just Waving."

B- is for Blogging. I love it - and look forward to discovering many new bloggers this month.

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