R is for Rewriting: S is for my Solar Tube

R and S - -- Rewriting and waiting for the SUN TUBE.

With this double blog I should be caught up. Whew!!


Rewriting my script for The Hello Girls.

I usually don't write my stories before I tell them - so preparing this script is a bit intimidating.
But  - -  for The Hello Girls I am writing a script - because I want a piece that someone else could tell without me or after me. i.e. I am working on a short play and thinking about how to work if out like theater. 

Fun and loving it.

The Hello Girls is not a personal story and that is quite a departure for me.

Where did this come from? Last year Michael Toscano interviewed me about my Arlington story  for the Senior Beacon. He is a theater critic and so talking about storytelling was a bit of a departure for him.

One of his questions was, " How is anyone else going to tell this story? Aren't you worried about the story dying without you to tell it?"
Good question and it haunted me for months afterwards.

I decided that for this Fringe I would work at being more of a theater piece that someone else could tell.

Its a new challenge. I love it. 

S is for my new SOLAR TUBE

I am excited.

The solar tube boxes are sitting in the living room. Tomorrow they will install the SOLAR TUBE
on the roof over the master bedroom. For the first time - ever - this room, which faces North, will be flooded with natural light.

I can't wait.

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Christine Rains said...

Good luck with your rewrites! And very cool about the solar tube. :) I love it when a room is filled with natural light. One day I want a house with lots of windows.

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