G - is for Going to the Center

When I woke up this morning I wondered what I could write today for the blog challenge about - G.
The way I work - I never pre-plan - I hope something will emerge.
And it has.

Here is is - thanks to a Facbook post and comments from a few  "friends."

This morning I posted this picture and it prompted a conversation which led me to a new understanding of what I am doing -  

"dad gum" it's an album.

Start of the fourth week of work on my house. Not a great picture from last night but it tells me something - first art work is going up - house recovery in process. This job is
all for me - with the changes in the house I want to rotate the art work, change placements and add new stuff. I will imagine myself living in a "gallery" and hang a new show. Jim was the "master" hanger and the job will be a lot harder without him to help me - but then, truth be told, most things are harder without his hand in.

  • Susanna Connelly Holstein I like the way you center your home around art. That says a lot about you. You draw creative energy from it, I think. Also peace and comfort. Be careful climbing around to hang it! Jim's height was probably an advantage as well

  • Ellouise Schoettler Thanks Susanna Connelly Holstein Yes, I do center on the art.Jim's height was part of it - but also his "eye" for placements and relationships and his determination that everything would be level. I am more of an "essence" person and just knock a nail in and hope it works. Our son Jim helped to get this started last night - hanging a few larger ones to key the space. More will be revealed.

  • Linda Crim Ellouise , have you heard Jeanne Robertson story about LB hanging pictures?

    Is the art things you have done?

  • Ellouise Schoettler I have not heard that story - bet its a riot. Yes, the art work is all mine. A few years back I gave the walls on this level to my art work - moving the works by other artists elsewhere in the house. That works for me.

  • Linda Crim I love it! You express yourself so well via your art.

  • Kaye Miller Ellouise looking good so far,Jim would be VERY proud of you. Keep it up. ;D

  • Ellouise Schoettler @Thanks Kaye Miller I think he would like it. For one thing it's clean! Wall color is subtle - and I am refurbishing furniture we have accumulated for 50 years - taking two chairs that were in his long-time DC office to the upholstery shop this morning. Jim is definitely here. The house is refreshed, I like to think renewed - with the history in-tact and room for change. Does that make sense? Dad gum - its a kind of album.

    Thanks to my facebook Friends: Susanna Holstein, Linda Crim and Kaye Miller.

    I first met Susanna (SusannaJHolstein.com) more than a dozen years ago at the West Virginia Storytelling Festival as she began her storytelling career. her blog: grannysu.blogspot.com
    Linda Crim and I have never met in-person but, oh,my, I feel that we know each other through our writings. Her stories: eldergeneration.net
    Kaye Miller is a proud Air Force Mom and she and I know each each other through mutual understanding of keeping on keeping on.

    Thank you all for helping me on the road to a story about our house.

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