M is for Margaret MacMillan lecture and memories of Inspector Morse and Oxford

This afternoon I attended a lecture by the Warden of St Antony's College, Oxford University, Margaret MacMillan - on her new book about the beginning of World War I, The War That Ended Peace."  She is an impressive speaker and gracious woman as well as an exceptional scholar.

Grateful to have had the opportunity to hear her - and will be reading her book "The War That Ended Peace" .

Working on my new story The Hello Girls, set during World War I, is expanding my interest in the period and I am loving that.

Also thought of the visit Jim and I made to Oxford years ago. It was a gorgeous day to walk those historic streets. I mostly remember the  treasures in Ashmolean Museum which were wonderful.

On a silly note, surrounded by the soft-spoken, educated voices of the Antonians (Alumni who live in the DC Area) I thought of the  Inspector Morse Mystery on WETA and could not help myself from wondering, "where is the corpse?" First saw the Inspector Morse mysteries in 1987 and watched all through the series and still enjoy them even when I know how the mystery will come out because John Thaw created such a good character.

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I.L. Wolf said...

Hi from the A to Z Challenge! Sounds like an interesting afternoon.