Art Show in the News, Place Holding

Breaking News:

Nice write up about the More Than Words Exhibition in the Montgomery County Gazette today. Here

I am putting up this stack of blocks to say hello for me. Jim and I went out for coffee after Mass this morning and agreed that we will try to get the
stuff done by the end of the week-end. So that we can relax and maybe even play next week. Knowing us I doubt that will happen - but its a great goal.

Sooooooooo - I have to stay focused. Finish my story prep for Sunday and get MY taxes done. I have a list and whittling on it makes me feel that I am accomplishing something.

So far I have arranged for the kennel to board the dog and booked a hotel room across the street from George Washington Hospital. I think its about 2 blocks max and most of that is crossing the traffic circle.

I believe a patient has to have their own "watcher-advocate" so I won't leave once Jim is admitted - except for the time he is in the ICU - they make you follow the rules. That will be very hard for me. I am sure I will be blathering on about that later.

The Bridge of Sighs