Storytelling , Knitting and Art

I started off yesterday at the Washington Folklore Society Winter Mini-Fest. The theme was All Things Irish. Margaret Chatham organized the line-up of storytellers. She opened the program with stories from Donegal and I followed with Irish Tales that immigrated from Ireland to the southern United States.

You guessed it - " Jack
Tales." I love Jack. He is "every man and his stories are fun.

You could hear Irish fiddle music down the hall during the stories which was a nice touch. Quick stepping down the hall so as not to be late I had to stop just a minute at a table of tempting instruments. How I wish I could make music to go with my stories. Its finally sinking in that its not going to happen but I still look and wish.

I stopped more than a minute when I rounded the corner of the school corridor and almost bumped into this table of really beautiful, simple scarves. "I am a passionate knitter." Lynn told me. " I knit all the time and everywhere." Looking at this table I knew she was telling the truth. We talked about the joy of holding gorgeous colors and soft textures in your hands - of seeing them just flow into your lap. And don't you love those little suitcases. Nice touch. No - I did not buy one - but I will have one soon enough. I know which drawer the right yarn is in - just waiting.

Unfortunately I could not stay to hear all the storytellers because I was expected at Pyramid Atlantic for the exhibition of works from More Than Words, the class Adjoa Burrowes and I completed a month ago.

This work is by Middle School students - 12 to 14 years old. We are really proud of what they accomplished.