Re: Jim's Progress

We arrived at George Washington University Hospital at 5:30 am - it's now 2:45 pm. Long day. 

The surgeon predicted a 6 hour procedure - he just sent another message that everything was ok but that it would be another hour. Makes it harder - you get primed for the landing and then start circling.

Very grateful that Don, Jim's long time office mate came over this morning. It was lovely to have him here - for me and for our children - who have known him since they were elementary school age. We first met Don when we came to Andrews Air Force Base and he and Jim were Psychiatrists there. As Don says, "One of the good things about being our age is that you have old friends."

A new friend from our prayer group also came and sat with us for a couple of hours. Lovely diversions. I am deeply touched by the caring.

I spent some time completing the "book" for Jim. Nothing I like better than an excuse to cut and paste. I cannot focus to read so its good to have something productive to do.

I took two Bach Rescue Remedies and they are very calming - b ut if they don't finish soon I am moving on to tougher stuff.

I have learned a lot through these past weeks and will write about it later. For the moment. "hanging on" is the goal. So grateful Jim, Karen , Robin and Monica are here.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Ellouise. I know how tough it is, but I'm so glad Jim, Monica,Karen and Robin are with you. This is one of those times when we really need our children close by. I wish I were there with you too.

To relax, put the tip of your tongue against the ridge behind your upper teeth. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. You probably already know this trick, but it really helps.


Aunt Peggy

Anonymous said...

Healing thoughts and prayers to you all. Hugs!

Unknown said...

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