Bookstore Encounter

Maybe you have guessed - bookstores are comfort places for me. When I am upset, sad, depressed or feeling lonely I head for a bookstore. Having all those books around makes me feel warm and comforted - all those possibilities laid out before me.

Today Jim and I both needed diversion. I suggested book comfort so we stopped off at Politics and Prose - one of our favorite places.

The feature this month is Abraham Lincoln. Just look at this one display at the front of the store. The table is near collapse under the weight of all the books about Lincoln.

I snapped a couple of shots and thats when I noticed the attractive young couple standing near by, sort of noticing me. They were clean-cut, shiningly spruced and both wearing tailored black cloth over-coats. The woman's black coat was brightened up by the royal blue collar of her shirt. Later I saw them again on the other side of the store where I was fingering the selection of moleskin journals. This time I saw the twisted clear cords coming from their ears and snaking down under their collars. Ah. Ha. Secret Service. I turned around, scanning the store for their charge.

There she was - Dr. Jill Biden at the cash register checking out a stack of books.

Laughing I turned to the young woman, "yal are very good. I hardly realized why you were here."

"We try to blend in." And they do.

She had an open friendly face. I went on. "It reminds me of the first time I was really aware of Secret Service presence. years ago Mrs. Joan Mondale, the Vice President's wife was coming to the Washington Women's Arts Center. I went in early to help with he set-up. When I walked into the gallery I saw several very nice looking young me standing around. One in particular was very good-looking. Then, when I noticed the large hearing aid he was wearing I thought to myself - it was unfortunate he had a hearing problem . Right at that moment he lifted his hand to his mouth and spoke into his wrist. Duh! I got it. The advance Secret Service checking things out before Mrs. Mondale's arrival." The young woman and I had a nice laugh and moved on - she to do her watching and me to continue my looking - - at books.

Its tacky I know but I could not resist - I guess this makes me one of the paparazzi - even with my palm size blue Olympus. Recording my brush with the 2nd Lady of the land.

I admire Dr. Biden - for being her own person and continuing her teaching career and for choosing to teach at a local two-year college. By doing that she draws attention to two-year colleges and those who don't already understand it may come to realize how vital and important the two year colleges are to the education system.


donna said...

Amen to that. I have one still at community college right now, and one I'm paying out of state tuition for at the University of Arizona, since Arnie's cuts to the California education system made it impossible for him to get his "guaranteed transfer" slot in our UC system.

My own education was pretty much a free ride from the state of Arizona thanks to being in the top two percent of my class. My husband worked his way through school starting at a community college. College was so much more affordable then! I have no idea how most people are supposed to afford college these days. They end up paying off student loans for forever. It will be a bit of a struggle even for us to get our kids through school, especially if we have to pay out of state for the other one, too. And we are in the top five percent income range.

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