A Book of Hours

A Book of Hours, collage book, e.schoettler
Time hangs heavy on you when you are waiting for something - like surgery.
This has been a long three weeks. Jim's surgery is Friday morning at 7:30 a.m.and time has picked up the pace. Funny, isn't it?
We have kept very busy - working on our lists, catching up with things that have piled up and having some diverting fun too.
Robin flew in from CA today - and that's good. A new face, new stories. There is lots of laughter as she and her sister cook dinner together and later our son and his family arrive for supper. The joshing between siblings is familiar and feels good. They start a 500 piece jig saw puzzle - complicated but not so big that it can't be finished by Thursday night. Jig saw puzzles are a tradition with us. They are an expected part of our family "doings" at holidays and gatherings. Like now.
It comes from Jim. Jim loves jogsaw puzzles. He is known to set up a 1000 piece complicated puzzle and relax over it for days like he did with an incredibly challenging 1000 piece puzzle a few months ago. He handed it off to Robin now to take home to work with her youngest son who have both inherited his yen for for puzzling.s.