Working on it

These vividly colored backpacks were a joy to behold outside my grandson's CA fifth grade classroom. In my day we carried a dull and practical plaid bookbags with a leather strap

3 Beautiful Things
1. First message on my cell phone this morning was a quick text - "arrived London safely. Love."
I can picture my son hurrying down the jetway at Heathrow, Blackberry in hand, tapping out messages to his wife, kids, parents, and others who were waiting for word. I love technology. I am sold on texting. Communication is everything.

2. Early morning coffee with Jim at Einstein's.

Well, that's two - one more to go. I am looking for the good, the beautiful, the up-lifting.

3. That's a nice #3 Granny Sue left on the "comments" - appreciate it.

3a. And - its a beautiful and heart warming thing when your daughter will take the time to listen and talk you through a bout of writer's block on a new story. Ran down my cell phone battery.

Loose Ends
That about sums it up.

More than a dozen years ago I took a free-form knitting class taught by a woman named Marcia. She was a knitting free spirit. Forget patterns, just hand her needles, a basket of yarn ends and let her loose. Color sketching with strings of color and texture. I love it.
I am very grateful to Marcia for showing me it does not have to be exactly "by the book."
Ofcourse there is a down-side. Thanks to Marcia's inspiration I have drawers filled with single balls of color or texture and a vast and vivid collection of yarn ends. All in my closets.

Now tell me, can you just toss those possibilities aside?


Granny Sue said...

3. your beautiful blog with it's simple yet laden posts. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I always claim I will use those odd bits of yarn in afghans. I've been working on one for ages which has anywhere from 2 stitches to half a row in a given yarn.

Unknown said...

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