Storytelling in Kensington

First storytelling program of 2009 at Kensington last night and it was a winner - a rich and enchanting evening.

Our featured tellers were Moira Dougherty and Starr Kopper.

Moria opened the program with folktales. Her first tale, How the Nightingale Got His Song and Why the Rose is Red is her original story and this was a first time telling. The story has charm and magic and was well-told. It merits a place in any line-up of love stories.
Starr charmed everyone with her tellings of two stories from Scotland. She enhanced the enchanting stories with her pacing, word pictures and easy style.

Meeting Starr as a storyteller for the first time last night was particularly delightful for me. She and I go way back - to our days as graduate painting students at American University. Starr is a very fine painter, known for her ability to recreate the magic of light on water with oils on canvas. Last night she demonstrated that she also can vividly bring to life the pictures of her stories as she tells them. Now I would say Starr Kopper is a very fine painter and storyteller.

A very satifsfying evening.