Blogging, Classic Movies, Amends

1. Blogging
Ever hear or read something and its like the author is saying it for you? I checked-in here this morning and there it was - the melody of my song.

2. Classic Movies
You may have guessed. I love movies.
Yesterday TCM showed two good oldies - favorites of mine.

I Remember Mama , the 1940s Irene Dunne Classic and Yours ,Mine and Ours, the 1968 original version with Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball. I don't have to stop and watch them. They play in the background. I know them by heart. It is like re-reading a favorite book - always worth it.

What are they about? what appeals to me? Love, family,parenting, relationships, forgiveness. That's good for starters. They have heart - the very thing the filmakers took out of the recent version of Yours, Mine and Ours. They replaced heart with slapstick. What does that say?

3. Amends

It happened this morning. I lost it. And an innocent by-stander, a total stranger, felt the down draft from me of something that had nothing to do with her what-so-ever.

I don't know what tripped my fuse. Well I do, but its not worth going into And like those things go it wasn't one thing it was a collection of things. A pile of them.

After the air cleared I felt terrible. I could see that I was not the one injured here. Repentant, I called back and apologized. Graciously, she accepted. Book closed.

Forgiveness is healing. Freeing.

Forgiveness - the fuel for moving on.