New Oven, Family History,

I know this is Inauguration Day - a major historic landmark in our country's history - but the very personal always comes first, doesn't it? So - -

TA! DA! New Oven is IN.

Daniele arrived right on the dot yesterday morning and within a very short time he had adjusted the cabinet opening and pushed the new oven in place.

After all the strum and drang about whether we could find an oven that would fit, or whether we could adapt the old cabinet opening without splitting the wood it was a seemingly easy solution --almost anti-climatic.

Yes, there still is a gaping hole underneath the oven but Daniele is making a new drawer to fit into that space. Once we remembered that the shelves inside all the cabinets are laminated to match the exteriors - it was a cinch. He has all the material he needs to make the drawer front match the cabinets.

Let's face it - the key to the solution is Daniele - a competent cabinet maker who thinks outside the box.

This whole oven-dilemma has proved to us yet again that most times the solutions are right in front of you if you cut the drama and think it through. Why, do we have to keep learning this life lesson?


Some years ago my dear Aunt Catherine put this old picture of Elizabeth Pyburn Grose into my hands for safe-keeping. Elizabeth Grose came to the US in the 1850s from London, England. On my father's side she is my great, great grandmother.

My Dad's younger sister Betty was named for her, Elizabeth Grose - their great grand-mother.

The new Elizabeth Grose, Aunt Betty's great-grand-daughter sits next to the original Elizabeth Grose. I guess that makes Eliza her four great granddaughter.

Yestderday my cousin Jim brought Eliza, his grand-daughter, over for a visit and I passed the picture on to the young namesake..

I am sure that's what Koki and Aunt Betty would want me to do - and it feels good. Passing along the history.

Must be something in the air about history on Inauguration Day.


Robin S. Fox, Social Media Coach said...

Oven looks great! A long time coming, and a good reminder for us all -- solutions are there. Open our minds, not always our checkbook.


I guess the real question is -- what's the problem of the day today, and which door do we need to open to find the answer?


Good question. I am thinking about it.

Lindsey32704 said...

I'm working on a family tree and did a google search for Elizabeth Pyburn Grose and came across your blog. She would have been my husbands Great Great grandmother. Funny thing is I have that exact picture but in a 5X7. I was hoping you might have some information on her parents or her husband Samuel's parents. I'm at a dead end. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks


Lindsey - I can't wait to talk with you. Please email me with an address I can repond to - this is a non-reply system and you don't have an email address on your blog ID.
Where are you? Who is the parent that connects your husband to Elizabeth Pyburn Grose? So glad to find someone that is interested in working on their line.

Lindsey32704 said...

email me @ lindseyandjosh@hotmail.com
We live in Texas, but all of our family is in North Carolina around the charlotte area.
Elizabeth's son Ralph P. Grose was Granny's father. Her name is Katherine and I believe she was named after the Catherine you refer to in your blog.
Can't wait to hear back.


Lindsey32704 said...

could you please resend the email you just sent me. I accidentally deleted it b4 i got a chance to read it.

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