Shingles Report, Thinking Ahead, Ruminating

I am getting better. The Valtrex seems to be beating back the rash and Ibuprophen helps with the nerve pain in my right arm. I have my fingers crossed that this is a light case. I will admit it - I hate this and I have been heard to whine quite a bit.

While I try not to think about the Shingles my head is skipping ahead to something I would much rather be doing. I am yearning to sew again. I have not dusted off my sewing machine in more than a year and that is just too long.

I have a project in mind. Something simple. Something useful and something I think I can finish within a reasonable length of time. I do not want any more projects
hanging around to prick my conscience.

Over on Writing in the Blackberry Patch I came across a September Post about blue jeans quilt she made and her picture of it has inspired me to try one.

For a start I have one pair of jeans from Mama's clothes that I brought home when she died saying I would "use" it somehow. Not to wear - that's for sure. It looks like it would fit a baby doll. Along with that I have two jeans dresses hanging in my closet that need to "GO".

Today Jim and I stopped by the NAMI Thrift shop and I picked up 4 pairs of jeans for 60% off - a good buy so my stash is looking pretty good.

It is supposed to snow tomorrow. I am ready!


You catch me at a time when I am thinking a lot about the past.

Not just daydreaming mind you - working at it. In February I am telling a new story that takes in a span of time that includes the days when I was VERY involved at the Washington Women's Art Center.

I mentioned yesterday that I often start with a photo as a prompt to help me remember a time or a place.
I am looking for something and I don't know quite what that is - yet. I am hoping this photo will help.

Washington Women's Arts Center
1821 Q Street NW
Washington, DC

Just one block from Connecticutt Avenue and two blocks from Dupont Circle. A neighborhood of Washington, DC that was to become the center of my world.

I have always liked this picture. It was taken about 1977. My hair is still dark with some white showing at the temples. That's the Diggle in me - a pattern from my dad's side of the family.

Mama crocheted that poncho for me during her poncho phase. She asked me what colors I wanted and I tossed out red and purple - not thinking that I was giving her quite a color problem. She solved it beautifully by adding the emerald green stipes.
I remember opening the package when she sent it and being really surprised and impressed by the way she had worked that out. I favored that poncho for years until I put on weight and it felt too snug. There are about five years in photos where I have trouble dating the pictures because I am always wearing Mama's purple poncho. I still have it - and who knows, maybe one day I will be wearing it again.

Looking at my hand reminds me of the large metal circle bracelet I carried as a key ring. I liked the weight of it in my hand and once I slipped it around my wrist I did not have to search for my keys. Heavy, yes, and that felt good because it was a safety device for nights when I was walking down Q Street to my car alone and it was big enough that I could find it easily in a tote bag. I had forgotten that I also had a whistle on it. Another safety measure. I was a well-armed woman.

Some women would not come to downtown DC from the suburbs after dark. I can't say that I was not nervous about it, especially as I most always drove down alone but I was of a mind that if I had a few safety devices and paid attention to my surroundings I would be fine. For instance, I crossed the street rather than walk along the dark hedge.
that bordered a few houses near the Center. Remember that was in the days before cell phones so you were relying on yourself and your own ability to look out for yourself. We also watched out for each other - waiting so that we could leave in pairs or walking someone to their car and she would drive you to yours. You know, common sense.

I also notice that I am wearing my graduation ring from Dunbarton College - I have forgotten about that ring and I certainly worked hard enough to earn it. Maybe I will pull it out and have it re-sized.

Oh, boy, Dunbarton College. I have written about that before HERE and I am startled to see that it was in October 2007 -