Re-reading Inkheart

"after all, there's nothing like a few comforting pages of a book when you're away from home Right?." (Inkheart, Cornelia Funke, page 235)

Last week when I was telling stories at Woodacres Elementary School I was leading third graders in a discussion of "how they make the pictures in their minds". An eager boy raised his hand. " I love to read chapter books because I make movies in my mind. I leave this world and go right into the book." Wow - from a third grader.

"That reminds me of Inkheart. Have you read it?"
"Well, I bet when you do, you will love it."

I am traveling with Inkheart. Entering the familiar story soothes me to sleep at night.

When I fall asleep with the book in my hands my glasses drop off and get lost in the bed covers. It feels like home.

In the 1960s my uncle took a job with a firm that sent he and my aunt overseas
to Baghdad. At that time Baghdad was still straight out of the Arabian Nights and filled with an aura of mystery and delight. I was surprised that my aunt traveled wth a trunk filled with books. Now I understand.

Smart woman.