Happy Birthday Lynda

Today is my sister Lynda's birthday.

I remember when she was born - and spoiled my happy life as an only child. People kept looking into her bassinette and ooing and ahing and I heard them saying - "Louie, what a pretty baby."

As she grew she added insult to injury ( to me) with her dark naturally curly hair that everyone liked to wind around their fingers to make into ringlets that bobbed on her head when she ran.

She was known as the "pretty one".

Now I ask you - how tolerable is that - even though there was a kernel of truth there.

But - she is my sister - and dispite all those pluses randomly awarded to her by nature -

She turned out to be a sweet, caring and loving woman - with a delightful sense of humor - that I love dearly and am so lucky to have as my sister.

Happy Birthday.