Losing Connection

Tonight the phone rang and rang
I called again and again
It just keeps ringing

Mama doesn't answer the phone.

Maybe she doesn't want to
Maybe she is tired
Maybe she can't reach it

Mama doesn't answer the phone.

Mama and I have a long phone history. When I was small she taught me the important numbers in case I got lost.

Home - 8741 - then 2-8741 - then ED2-8741
Granny - 6735 - then 3-6735 - then FR3-6735

When Daddy went overseas during WWII and polio raged through Charlotte Mama took Lynda and me to Sacred Heart Academy to live with the nuns for the summer. She called us every Wednesday night at 6:30 PM - as faithful as the sun rising in the morning. The sound of her voice being the connection to home.

When I went to Baltimore to go to school I called home - and after I married Jim we continued to talk regularly. Talking, and talking about something about nothing. Connected by our familiar voices.

Keeping in touch with the daily, talking about then and about now, staying connected.
Telling stories.

Mama is not answering the phone.

She asks my sister for Granny's phone number. She wants to talk with her mother.

I understand.

PS - Monday April 21
Robin called. " Mom, I just spoke to your mother."
"12 seconds ago."
"I will call you right back." When I heard Robion's call click off I dialed Mama"s number.
" Mama. Good morning."
Her voice lifted. " Well, hello to you."
"Do you know who this is?"
"Don't be foolish, ofcourse I do, Ellouise."

" I called you yesterday and you did not answer."
"Well, I probably was not home."

"I am glad you are now."

Thanks, Robin.