Have My Red Shoes On

Today is raring up to be a hot one.
I can hear the cicada chirping outside as they do on hot summer mornings.
Their song takes me all the way back to early mornings in North Carolina.
Sweet memories.

Today I am traveling
I am telling Pushing Boundaries
and to do that I have to revisit the 1960s and70s.

Its a trip I enjoy
Except this "run"of the show its been very much a sentimental journey
without Jim
sometimes there have been rough spots with tears threatening
but I have managed to get maintaint "traction"
and move the story along to safer ground.

That's what storytellers do
We travel in personal as well as story space
Sometimes it is like working on an emotional high wire.

We know it can be risky
that's part of the challenge
and why
I m wearing red shoes.

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