Just asking

This crow perched on the top of a pole over-looking the patio at Starbucks calling out "CAW CAW CAW".

Someone told me a crow is
a sign of good luck
and a sign of change.

I know for sure everywhere I turn there is change - nothing in my life is or feels the same.
I hope that the "good luck" part is also true.

My first Fringe show is tomorrow.
Good luck would be very helpful because I cannot seem to be still or focused long enough to feel well-rehearsed.

Then I ask myself -
what is "well-rehearsed" for a storyteller.

I don't memorize the story.
I tell it - -
and this story I lived.

Certainly I know it -

Ah ha - then it's in the telling
But can that be practiced?

Isn't the telling in response to the audience?

That being said
does the story rely on who comes to hear it
to make it what it will be.....

Could that be true?

Just asking.


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Kate Dudding said...

Dear Ellouise,

Breathe deeply: in and out, in and out, in and out.

Feel all the positive energy people have been sending you, including me and Elizabeth Ellis and Jim.

Imagine us at every performance soaking up your every word, beaming our shining faces at you.

Be a conduit for your story, as only you know how.

Happy birthday courageous one.