Two big passages for me yesterday. My 76th birthday
and telling Pushing Boundaries at the Fringe  -
without Jim being there. So many reached out to help me cross those bridges with calls, cards, flowers and notes: my kids, family, friends and the community on Facebook. It felt like a "village" handing me along one step at a time. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The birthday was a sweet non-event that was easy. But --- the storytelling was another FIRST. And it was hard! I was proud of myself that I did it! At the finish I stood a bit straighter and breathed in deeper. But, I am not fooling myself - it will be a challenge every time - it just won't be a first!

Only a hand full of folks in the audience knew about the personal challenge.Storyteller friends tell me yesterday was a strong, excellent telling of the story - and I trust them because they have heard it before. The reviews are not posted yet so I hope the reviewers heard it the same way -
 When I stepped into those red shoes - the story took off.

I call Pushing Boundaries an ERA Memoir and it is - but it is so much more for me - its a chronicle of my life with Jim. Stage by stage as I entered the women's movement and my 1950s ideas of being a woman changed. There is much that is not in the story. Those were tough days for everyone - for all the women involved in the movement working for social changes and their families.

Jim and I always counted ourselves lucky because our marriage survived the emotional sunami - and we celebrated 56 anniversaries. Maybe someday I will add some of those stories to the program - well, probably not. But I know the stories - of anger, mis-understanding, fear, and challenge moving to acceptance, understanding, humor and kindness - - you know, love.


Yesterday after the show one woman stopped me - "I was there too but you put it into another context for me that I have not seen before." 

There it is - why I love storytelling and how sharing stories can connect people.

Its the reason I will keep facing the challenge,

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Anonymous said...

Well done! Telling the story and transcending challenges. You rock!!