Full Day

My friend Betsy came down from PA Thursday to see the Pushing Boundaries show and I was so happy to have her there. As I have been happy to have her friendship since we were Girl Scouts together in Charlotte, NC.

We had a wonderful time - topping off our Thursday evening after my show with another Fringe show and a stop by the cafe in Politics and Prose Bookstore to pick up several pieces of lime chiffon cake to "go".  The weather turned on us and we drove home in the pyrotechnics of an electrically dramatic and drenching rainstorm. I admit I was scared - especially knowing that the last leg to drive to my house was heavily treed with a canopy of branches arching over the road. So relieved as we drove into the driveway. Once we changed from our dripping clothes and dried out - that cake tasted all the more delicious.

Next day I asked a very special favor of Betsy - to drive with me to Arlington National Cemetary to visit my daughter, Gretchen. This is where we will bring Jim August 1. I want to open myself to accept that.

We sat on the grass and talked for a long time. The tour buses filled with tourists passed several times. I wished we had some deviled eggs and fried chicken for a picnic. "Do you think this is a bit nuts?" I asked Betsy. "No, its southern. We are back to our roots"

Our grave is near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier so we stopped there since Betsy had never seen the changing of the guards. It is a solemn and moving ceremony.

Then we drove the same path the horse drawn caisson will follow as they take Jim to his grave. Its more of a distance than I remembered from the Old Post Chapel. I know I can't walk the whole way - so I will call Arlington tomorrow and find out how they handle stopping the cars and letting people get out to walk part of the way following the horse drawn caisson. So many things to think about and work out in my mind.

Later than evening Betsy and I went to see Vijai Nathan's Fringe show
McGoddess. Good storytelling, well woven story - funny and touching. Perfect.

Full day!

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Granny Sue said...

I'd love to see Betsy again! I'm glad you made a pre-visit to Arlington; it will make your day smoother when it's time to bring Jim there.

So happy your show is going well! You are navigating difficult waters with strength and style, Ellouise.