Storytelling Today

Dress rehearsal for Scheherazade went well last night. I told the stories to the orchestra. Then they tuned up and played the Rimsky-Korsakoff, Scheherazade - four movements. Wonderful. The large room was filled with the music and I imagined the stories.

Pulling up Threads
The music was familiar and brought back personal memories. I also had images of the living room of a second floor apartment two blocks from Johns Hopkins Hospital. The open windows over looked No. Broadway in Baltimore. Jim lived in this apartment with a classmate the summer he and I were dating. I asked Jim if he remembered our listening to his room-mate's recording of the piece . I was a bit disappointed when he drew a blank. I guess that's how it goes.

Second-hand Angel
Yesterday my cousin Jim and his wife Pam arrived in town,. Pam was the bearer of surprising gifts - for me. She brought me three well-loved Carole Little tops she found in a thrift shop in Florida.

I love Carole Little's signature choice of richly colored fabrics in her clothes. Pam said, "I thought of you when I saw them and I thought well, if you can't wear them you can make art with the fabrics."

Not cutting these up yet. These are not only perfect storytelling garb - they also fit me. Now instead of wondering what I am going to wear tonight - I can stew over which one to wear. What a blessing.

Pam is a key figure in my "Good Will Mourning."
I feel another story starring Pam brewing.