Red Socks

You have to love red socks!

Feeling very with-it tonight.  I ordered my groceries from www.Safeway.com today. Did not to leave the house to  finish my shopping. Tomorrow the truck will come and the driver will carry the bags into  tthe house.  Wow. $9.95 fee for that strikes me as reasonable. I saved more than that in the impulse spending I could not do. A new era dawns.

And - - it saves on gas and reduces our carbon foot print.

That sounds like four birds with one stone to me!


Granny Sue said...

Wow! I wish we had that service here. That's way reasonable. I remember when I was a child the groceries were delivered and the drug store delivered too. I'm glad you're able to take advantage of those services, Ellouise. The savings in time and hassle not to mention gas is well worth it.


Well, Safeway delivery was right on time today. A nice driver put them in my kitchen and everything was perfect.
Recommend the service.

Granny Sue I remember those same things from my childhood - especially at the beach when we did not have a car and the store was a l o n g way away. Glad the pharmacy we use also has a delivery service. I never thought of using it until we found ourselves in the current house bound situation - this is when you really start looking around for solutions to the problem.