Happy New Year - Looking for Blue Skies.

starting 2012
looking for blue skies
smooth sailing
happy times.

Wishing the same for you!

the sun is shining
skies are blue
taking stock
and feeling grateful for the blessings in our life.

Jim and the family first

then looking ahead to several projects
which will keep me hopping
and learning new tricks

stories to tell
at Friendship in February
Stone Soup Storytelling Festival
in April
Pushing Boundaries - my ERA memoir -
here in DC
in March.

dusting off my textiles
to be part of a show
at the Ratner Museum in February

plus the TV shows
and talking to folks on the
New Front Porch
on World of Storytelling Radio
the technical issues for the radio
show have had such
a steep learning curve that
people probably think I have dropped
that ball.
No way.

would you say - that even as I
cut out a few things
my dance card is full.

no New Years Resolutions this year
just telling myself to
keep "balancing"
so that what's most important
Jim and family
are always at the top of the list.

where they belong.

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